Women of Talent Festival 2017

bringing the creative talents of the women of Pakistan

March 12, 2017

The Women of Talent festival drew a large crowd at The Palm Marquee on this Saturday!

Home based female entrepreneurs & crafters showcased their talents in the event put together by The Elan Women’s social club.

Erum Munir, the driving force behind the club, shared that the main reason for holding such events was to give a welcoming boost to women whose products were not directly available to mass costumers. This provides them with a platform where they could showcase their work and network, as being home based entrepreneurs they’re working in isolation because they neither go to work nor have colleagues.

The festival was buzzing with visitors of all ages. With around 120 stalls having a variety of goods ranging from cosmetics, apparel and crafts to delicious homemade food items,  the festival was free for all to attend.

Given that many women do not have access to retail outlets for the goods they produce at home such events provide an opportunity for them to showcase their work and an opportunity to attract more customers in a short span of time.

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