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The Bohemian Crunch – another epic craft fair

March 8, 2017

The Bohemian Crunch is one of the events from the annual series hosted by The Crafters Guild.

With an aim to keep the craft spirit alive and to bring together like minded people, Bohemian Crunch like its counterparts, promotes handmade work and home-spun businesses driven by young entrepreneurs. According to Varah Mussavir, the force behind CG & Firefly; around 40% of the vendors who were present on the event day were first timers.

Many of the young women were also working with rural artisans or different NGO’s to promote craft, culture and micro economies. The event was a mixture of color and taste, from a cheerful assortment of mouthwatering food items, to apparel, accessories and even hand crafted home décor.

Events like these provide the artists that take part in it an amazing showcase opportunity for their handmade crafts, and the people that visit the chance to see beyond the majorly contemporary and mass-market products that saturate us on a daily basis.

We hope to see more of such events happen in the country and an ever-growing crowd coming to such events as well!

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