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The Coffee Corridor Exhibition

March 19, 2017

The students of The Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture presented their work in a 3 day Art exhibition at The Coffee Corridor.

This was an initiative taken by Coffee Corridor as their aim was to promote the creative youth , according to the management [there their main idea is to]:

“Offer our space for all such talented young artists in Karachi. Our space is available for young artists to exhibit their work free of cost, we want to help them promote their work and sell it. We want to provide a much needed exposure to them and boost their confidence. We are initiating this idea with Indus Valley School, Karachi, but plan to extend it to other art schools in Karachi”

The student artists who exhibited their work were:

  • Shiza hai
  • Rameez
  • Muneeza
  • Maryam
  • Tehreem

Through their illustrations, they represented Goddesses and fashion beautifully!

Young artists should get more chances like this to showcase their talent, and we’re sure hoping to cover many more such events soon!

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