AOTC 1.0 – Signs of Tomorrow Conference sets the stage for the future of Digital OOH in Pakistan

April 26, 2018

Kinetic Pakistan in collaboration with Pakistan Advertisers’ Society (PAS) and Octara recently organized ‘Ahead of the Curve’ (AOTC) 1.0 – Signs of Tomorrow Digital Conference on April 17 in Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore and April 19 in Movenpick Hotel, Karachi that was positively applauded by the industry at large.

With over 400 participants in both the cities, AOTC 1.0 – the first of its kind digital OOH conference was very well received by brands, agencies, tech startups, digital suppliers and marketers. AOTC 1.0 served as a platform where experts from the global and local market came together to share insights on the evolution and future of OOH.

Global and local experts at AOTC 1.0 Signs of Tomorrow including the likes of Dennis Kuperus – CEO, Kinetic Benelux & Nordic and Global Head of Innovation, Dave Nelissen – Media & Communication Strategist and CEO Mount Scott, Peter Choo – CEO, Kinetic Malaysia, Sadaf Zarrar – Head of IMC Coca-Cola Pakistan, Radjen Van Wilsem – CEO, CS Digital Media and Ahsan Sheikh – CEO, Kinetic Pakistan, not only changed the general perception about the out of home media, but they certainly broadened the participants horizon towards the future of outdoor media i.e. Digital OOH.

Other speakers at AOTC 1.0 included industry market leaders such as Samra Maqbool – Nestlé Pakistan, Naeem Khokhar – Qarshi Industries, Kiran Khan – GroupM Pakistan, Omar Abedin – Starcom Pakistan, Jahanzeb Khalid – Unilever Pakistan, Dr. Usman Bhatty – Nestlé Pakistan, Maliha Haq – Shell Pakistan and Saad Khan – Activemedia.

AOTC 1.0 Digital Conference was put together with the support of various partners which included, Dasani (Official Hydration Partner), Shell Helix Motor Oil (Bronze Partner), Nestle, Surf Excel, Sunsilk and HBL (Associate Partners), The Dawn Media Group (Official Media Partner), Activemedia (Event Partner), GroupM (Strategic Partner) and Media Tech (Tech Partner). Other industry partners included Sahar Advertiser, Do Advertiser, Spectrum Lines, MNK Advertising, Ravi Advertising and Haffiz Brothers.

The crux of the conference was the growth and infinite possibilities of Digital OOH along with the convergence of offline to online advertising and most significantly how useful programmatic OOH will be in our digitized future. Hence, AOTC 1.0 laid the foundation for the future of outdoor media as the industry gears up to witness the evolution of DOOH in Pakistan with more innovatively digitized solutions following the programmatic OOH route.

The conferences in the both cities were followed by an engaging half day workshop on ‘Effective Brainstorming Techniques’ facilitated by global communication expert Dave Nelissen, who taught the young and senior professionals on how to be innovative and creative in order to maximize the full potential of OOH media.

Speaking on this occasion, Dennis Kuperus, CEO, Kinetic Benelux & Nordic and Global Head of Innovation said, ‘We had a great week being a part of Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) 1.0 – Signs of Tomorrow Conference. It was a very well organized conference from the word go in both Lahore and Karachi. It was fantastic how AOTC 1.0 became such a potent platform to bring the entire industry together to make a giant leap into the next phase of outdoor i.e. the digital OOH. It was great to see media owners, advertisers, agencies and others at AOTC 1.0 to have such productive discussions and debates on the importance of DOOH as they collaborate and move forward together.’

Ahsan Sheikh, CEO Kinetic Pakistan shared his remarks about the digital conference, ‘Kinetic Pakistan felt extremely proud to be a part of such a great conference. AOTC 1.0 Digital Conference paved the way for our industry to see the huge potential of Digital OOH and how powerful a medium it will be in terms of contextualizing brand communication to the audiences on the move in the near future. We hope to be a part of such initiatives in the years to come.’

Dave Nelissen, Media & Communication Expert and CEO, Mount Scott also shared his views on AOTC 1.0, ‘It was perfect to be back in Pakistan to host the OOH digital conference – Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) 1.0.  I think we really set the stage in the world of out of home with AOTC 1.0 with many more of such conferences to follow in the near future. AOTC 1.0 was a great platform to discuss digital OOH, programmatic OOH and the Offline to Online Connect (O2O) in an elaborate way. I am looking forward to come back to Pakistan again for more conferences of this nature, to train more young professionals and to work together for an exciting future of the wonderful realm of OOH.’

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